Individual Investor Programme
A Brief Overview

Malta is a member of the European Union (EU) and as such enjoys an agreement with the EU Commission which bestows a unique legal status on its Individual Investor Program (IIP) that offers EU treaty protection. Not only do its citizens enjoy visa-free travel to more than 169 countries, but they also have the right to work and establish themselves in any of the 28 countries that make up the EU.


This stable and neutral island-state implements very strict four-tier due-diligence standards and background verification checks to protect its reputation as a highly respected investor destination. It aims to attract reputable individuals or families with a high net-worth willing to invest in the country financially and intellectually in exchange for full citizenship with all the privileges that status entails.


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The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) was launched under the Maltese Citizenship Act, Cap. 188, Articles 10 (9) (b) and 24 (1) (i) and is governed by the IIP Regulations of the Republic of Malta, 2014. It requires applicants to have resided in Malta for one year before a certificate of naturalization is issued. To qualify, the main applicant must be 18 years or older. Applications may include children aged 18–26 years if they are unmarried and fully financially dependent on the main applicant, and parents aged 55 years and older if living with and fully supported by the main applicant. All applicants must supply proof of good health and must each possess global health insurance offering coverage of at least EUR 50 000. Applicants must also have a clean criminal record (and not be under investigation for a crime).


The process of naturalization typically takes between six months and two years from the date the application was submitted, and includes residence of one year. Successful applicants will have their names published annually.


Identity Malta is the government authority administering the Program.

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship
Investment Options
  • Minimum taxes (no inheritance or capital gains tax)


  • Malta recognizes dual citizenship


  • You will enjoy the right to work or establish yourself (by residence or study) in any of the member states of the EU, including the UK


  • A Maltese passport offers you visa-free travel to 169 countries within the EU, the US and Canada


  • Malta is centrally located for business anywhere in Europe


  • As a Maltese citizen you will enjoy investment opportunities locally as well as in other EU Member States


  • Newborn children enjoy right of descent


  • Persons aged 16 years and older are issued a 10-year passport, those aged 10–15 years a five-year passport, and those younger than 10 years a two-year passport

Program applicants are required to meet all three of the investment criteria:


  • Buy real estate in Malta or Gozo to the value of at least EUR 350 000, for a holding period of at least five years during which it cannot be let or sublet. Applicants must provide a sale contract or purchase agreement within four months after approval,or lease residential property in Malta or Gozo for at least five years, of which the annual rent comes to a minimum of EUR 16 000. The property may not be sublet for the holding period. Applicants must provide a lease agreement within four months after approval


  • Make a non-refundable contribution of at least EUR 650 000 per single applicant to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF)


  • Invest in stocks or bonds (or special-purpose vehicles) approved by Identity Malta, to the value of at least EUR 150 000 for a holding period of five years
The Process

The IIP is administered by the government authority, Identity Malta. The process of thorough due-diligence checks typically takes four months from submission of the application.


The application comprises the following steps:

  • Submission of application for residence to Identity Malta. Applicants pay a contribution deposit of EUR 5 000 and a further EUR 1 000 additional residency card deposit per dependent
  • The applicants must then travel to Malta to have their biometric measurements taken before they can receive their residency card
  • Collation of the application for citizenship (government application forms and supporting documentation)
  • Submission of application for citizenship to Identity Malta. Applicants pay a contribution deposit of EUR 5 000 as well as due-diligence fees, bank charges and passport fees
  • Successful applicants are issued with a certificate of naturalization.
  • All applicants aged 6 years and older must collect their passport in person on Maltese soil.


It may take up to four months to receive the government’s decision and for Identity Malta to acknowledge the application. Successful applicants must then complete the steps listed below within four months from approval:

  • Remitting the balance of the contribution to government
  • Complying with the real estate requirements
  • Supplying proof of residence (genuine links, not day count) for one year
  • Investing the prescribed amount in government bonds
  • Taking out global health insurance for the whole family, at a current minimum of EUR 50 000 per member.
  • Personally undertaking the Oath of Allegiance on Maltese soil. This requirement is valid for all dependents aged 18 years and older.
Investment Summary
Real EstateMinimum Investment
Property investment: purchaseEUR 350 000
Property investment: lease (per annum)EUR 16 000
Government and Investment fees
Main applicant EUR 650 000
SpouseUSD 25 000
Dependent aged 0–17 yearsEUR 25 000
Dependent aged 18–26 yearsEUR 50 000
Dependent aged 55 years and olderEUR 50 000
Investment (stocks, bonds, special-purpose vehicles)EUR 150 000

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