10 Strange Employment Laws Around the World

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10 Strange Employment Laws Around the World

Strange labor laws often arise from unusual occurrences. Someone decides to test the limits of the uniform dress-code by wearing a funny hat, and before you know it, there’s a law saying you can’t do it. We’ve taken a look at some of the stranger employment laws around the world.

Portuguese employees have it good! They can’t even be fired, but must be persuaded to accept a termination package, all because the country’s labor laws don’t provide for termination periods.

German public sector managers can’t call up or email their subordinates at 8PM on a Wednesday; contacting staff outside of work hours (9-5) is strictly verboten!

In Japan, your employer may require that you are always clean shaven because members of the public may find facial hair “unpleasant”. They may also measure your waist to ensure you’re not getting too fat. And if you do, they’ll send you to dieting classes.

In New Zealand, if you’re trying to spice up your workwear by donning an interesting hat, you could be liable to a 10% pay-cut for breaking the uniform code.

Ever wonder why so many Indian companies have 99 employees, never crossing over into 100?  It’s because once they do, they would need government permission to fire staff, unless they could prove the employee was guilty of criminal misconduct.

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