Cyprus CIP Lowers Investment Requirement


Cyprus CIP Lowers Investment Requirement

Following revision and approval by the Cypriot Ministry of the Interior, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program has issued a set of amendments, the most important of which are listed below. For a more detailed account of the changes, please visit the Ministry of the Interior’s official website.

  • The required investment amount is now EUR 2 million, rather than EUR 2.5 million, as was the case with previous iterations of the program.
  • The investment in government bonds, for purposes of naturalization, is not limited to EUR 500,000, whereas previously no such restrictions applied.
  • Applicants must now hold a valid residence permit to qualify for naturalization. Applicants may obtain such permits and simultaneously apply for naturalization.
  • Parents of the main applicant are eligible for naturalization, but must retain a permanent residence on Cyprus, beyond that held by the main applicant.
  • The acquisition of undeveloped land no longer qualifies investors for naturalization.

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