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The modern world offers exciting new options for travel, mobility and security. Many of the world’s elite know that a range of countries now offer safe and legal programs which, in return for an investment, give you permanent residence or citizenship. In many cases a new passport can be achieved within just a few months, opening up a whole new world of travel and residence options.


Legacy Citizenship has a wealth and depth of experience across all of the most desirable programs, and offer you full support and guidance at every step of your journey, from initial enquiry to presenting you with a new passport or residence card.


At the forefront of destination planning, we are constantly abreast of each program’s standing, value and merits, and are expert at both introducing our clients to the right choice of programs, and delivering a successful application.


For high net worth individuals and families, entrepreneurs and the internationally mobile, alternative citizenship is the most important new facet of wealth planning. A change of physical residence is often not required, yet your new status can open the doors to the world for you, your family, and your future descendants.

Why Choose Dual Citizenship

Citizenship-by-investment programs have proliferated as governments seek to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Not only do investors contribute financial and investment capital, but they also inject their intellectual capital into their new country of residence, which often results in further financial gain for that country.


Our network support applicants in achieving their dreams. Although their backgrounds and countries of origin may vary, nearly all of them share some common motivators:

IndependenceOption to travel or relocate anytime
InvestmentSecond or multiple citizenships may introduce previously unknown investment opportunities and estate planning
Quality of LifeIncludes clean environment, climate, healthcare, personal security, transport, etc.
SafetyPermanent option to go to; permanent right to reside. Freedom to move when faced with criminal activity, hostility and threats
Visa Free TravelQuick and hassle-free access to other countries (no lengthy visa-application processes)
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